Clinical Supervision for Psychotherapists and Psychoanalysts


My supervisory goal first and foremost is to provide a safe and supportive context.  Safety is the paramount condition to allow you the freedom to explore and develop your work with clients as well as a sense of yourself as a therapist.

Having trained as psychoanalyst within the context of the Relational psychoanalytic community in New York, I am particularly interested in exploring the role of the therapist’s countertransference in the therapeutic interaction – the anxieties it creates in the therapist and its uses in directing the therapist’s engagement in treatment process.

In addition, I have a particular interest in dissociation and enjoy working with supervisees who work with clients who present with persistent dissociative processes.

Individual Supervision

My commitment is to provide an encouraging, trusting and non-judgmental holding environment in which you can explore and process your work with your clients.  My goal is to foster openness and collaboration to allow a fine-tuned attention to the clinical detail so that you can develop a full and deep understanding of the therapeutic interaction with each individual client. 

I want and expect you to have a rich and vital learning experience.

Small Group Supervision

Engaging clinical theory and clinical process within a group is an exciting and challenging way to foster the expansion and deepening of your therapeutic knowledge.  Sharing your skills and expertise, and learning from the different perspectivesof others is a rich, rewarding, enjoyable and cost-effective way to grow as a therapist. 

 I have provided clinical supervision from a relational perspective to individuals and groups since 2006.