About Mary

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I am a psychologist/psychoanalyst and a registered Medicare Mental Health provider.  I offer individual psychotherapy to adults and clinical supervisory consultations to individuals and small groups.

I have provided psychotherapy to a diverse range of people with a varied range of problems since 1988.  After training as a psychologist in Australia, I received a Clinical Masters as well as a Certificate of Specialisation in Psychoanalysis in the USA.  On returning to Australia in 2001, I trained in Clinical Hypnosis, EMDR and Somatic Experiencing (SE) in order to open up my capacity to reach people in the clinical situation.  I found that talking, and finding the words to say what is wrong, does not always get to the root of the problem. These additional tools have helped me find ways to reach people more efficiently and effectively.

In recent years, I have also developed a strong interest and expertise in treating chronic pain and related illnesses. Trained initially by Frances Sommer Anderson and in affiliation with colleagues in the USA, who work with TMS or PPD, I believe that in many instances, symptoms associated with chronic pain can be eliminated, not just managed. Understanding the psychological or emotional stress that accompany these chronic conditions is the essential key to a successful outcome.