My Approach


My approach to therapy reflects the integration of a variety of methods I have studied over the years.

After treating many people, it is clear to me that strong, and often difficult to experience feelings, leave their mark on the mind and the body. Frequently, without our full knowledge that those marks are present. Psychotherapy that focuses on both the mind and the body is an effective way of bringing these emotions to the surface so that you can process them and  become pain free.  

In addition to talking about your concerns and worries, I've found it’s useful, and necessary, to pay attention to what your body is saying. So many of us have no idea that our body is reacting to how we are living our lives.  Instead, we do most of our living in our head.   How well are you able to process the life you are living?  Are you feeling stuck?  Being stuck is often related to different parts of yourself not being in communication with each other which can leave you feeling unsure or without a clear direction.  I use a variety of interventions to identify the ways in which you are out of communication with yourself, sometimes without words, and how that is having a detrimental impact on your overall functioning.  Unlocking your relationship to yourself and how are you feel in  important relationships is an important key to a successful outcome.